Program Launch: Picky Eater Protocol

Over the past month our Toronto Marketing Network team has been working with certified Nutritionist and Picky Eater Expert Danielle Binns on the program launch of The Picky Eater Protocol. Her 6 week Picky Eater protocol program utilizes proven step-by-step strategies to help children eat better and effectively turn your picky eater into a healthy eater. Danielle’s inspiration for this program came from her own experiences with her first-born daughter.

“I provide frustrated, overwhelmed, and health-minded moms with proven holistic programs to help their children thrive within their potential. I help moms feel confident that their child is eating healthy through nutritional programs (including nutrient-dense meal planning), natural health solutions (be it an ear infection, constipation, or anything in between) and evidence-based feeding strategies (for ‘picky eaters’ and ‘problem feeders’). I help moms so they can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying motherhood”, explained Danielle.

Danielle’s program launch kicked off with a bang last night with a free webinar that was incredibly well received by her subscribers, followers and other interested online community members. We couldn’t be happier for her early success and look forward to working with her throughout her program and thereafter. 

Our talented graphic designers, web designers, and strategists worked closely with Danielle surrounding the branding and launch of her program. We’re incredibly happy with the branding of her program logo and the design of her various Picky Eater Protocol websites and microsites that helped provide early registration, sales information, webinar registration, and also facilitated a number of subscription, thank you, and other redirecting elements.

When it comes to comprehensive and effective programs like this it’s important to ensure that all the pieces not only work well together graphically, but that functionality is properly implemented. This helps ensure that there is a great user experience driving traffic to her program’s landing pages and creating conversions for interested users thereafter.

For more information about Danielle’s Picky Eater Protocol program check out her Picky Eater landing page, or for more information about her and her other services take a look at her website.

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