Next time you miss a Yoga class just jump on the TTC during rush hour and you won’t skip a beat. Brandon Tralman-Baker, Mark Slater, and JP Spanbauer came up with this inventive TTC Yoga guide illustrating all the awkward and painful situations we’ve experienced while riding the TTC. “Whether you’re on a streetcar, the subway or a bus we’ve all experienced gross, awkward, and strange situations thanks to overcrowding and other riders”, said Tralman-Baker, “we’ve all tried to make the best of bad situations on the TTC and I think we’ve captured the lighter side of it through these illustrations”.

Everything from trying to get off the back steps of the streetcar to avoiding puke on the late night vomit comet, anything can happen on any given day. These posts have been quickly gaining local Instagram traction as many Torontonians can easily relate.

Check out the ideas below: