Grow Your Business With Remarketing

What’s Remarketing?

In a nutshell remarketing is a way to reconnect with customers and potential customers as they browse the internet. If you’ve done some online shopping recently there’s a good chance that you’ve been remarketed to. The way it works is that when you visit a company website and then leave and continue browsing to other sites you start seeing their ads and banners all over the place. If this happens you’re being remarketed to.

The site that you visit tags you and when you leave their site you see their banners on subsequent sites you visit. These sites receive a small fee for placing the ads on their site. It might sound creepy like a website is stalking you via the internet, but from a business standpoint the benefit to remarketing is that you get to keep your products and services top of mind while your potential customer continues to search the web for products and services like yours. Remarketing is an effective way to reach your target market in an affordable way that gets you a pretty decent bang for your buck.

Why Does It Work?

Depending on your type of products or services you might be marketing to the whole country or even the entire world. The benefit to remarketing is that it allows you to target people who’ve already show interest in your products and services at least once. Remarketing is also very customizable whereas you can limit your ads to target customers that have visited specific pages of your website or even customers who haven’t signed up for your site yet.

Remarketing For Small Businesses

Now you know what remarketing is, but that’s not enough to successfully start-up a campaign and have your ads follow customers around the internet. It’s important to fully understand what message you want to send to your customers and depending on their reactions how you measure the success of your campaign. Remarketing is a great way to target customers but like any marketing effort it needs to be properly thought out with a good strategy in order to be as effective as possible.

It’s easy to control how often people see your ads each day, which is good because it’s important to find a balance between keeping customers aware of you without annoying them. The last thing you want is for your ads to be like an annoying little brother that won’t leave you and your friends alone.

Learn more about AdWords remarketing from Google here.

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